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Audience Development Manager

New Wine Review

New Wine Review

This job is no longer accepting applications

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Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2023

Hello! We’re The New Wine Review, a new, subscription-based digital media startup for wine lovers. Let’s get to it:

This is, in our completely subjective opinion, a fantastic job. A little wild and crazy, but also pretty terrific. 

You’re going to work with the smartest, savviest group of wine journalists in the world. You’re going to help us build a digital media company. You’re going to travel to interesting places. You’re going to taste a ton of world-class wine. You’re going to work with a group of people who really like each other and have been selected for their jobs not only for their expertise, but also for their ability to work with other people like responsible, thoughtful, friendly, emotionally well-adjusted humans. You’re going to have some challenging moments. You’re going to learn a ton. You’re going to get to do stuff that most people have to wait 20 years into their careers to do. You’re going to get to do stuff that many people never get to do at all. 

Make no mistake, this is an intense job. We’re not going to grind you into dust—we’ve had those kinds of jobs ourselves, and they’re horrible—but we’re looking for somebody who can work very fast, very smart and very hard. This job has a ton of responsibility, and we need someone who can handle it with real proficiency, grace and good humor.

Here’s what this entails:

Generally, you’ll do a bunch of different things in this job, most of which relate to helping us find and convince more people to subscribe. What this means:

  • Come up with new ideas for how to grow our readership and subscriber base–then make those ideas happen
  • Grow the size of our email newsletter subscriber list
  • Develop and execute an editorial plan that uses SEO tools and best practices to help increase traffic among our target readers
  • Create and manage a variety of key business partnerships 
  • Help us create, set up and run many of our key content marketing systems
  • Expand and improve our social media presence through smart content creation (much of which you’ll create), distribution and community management
  • Manage the execution of all paid and unpaid marketing campaigns
  • Help us figure out how to serve our subscribers so well that they love us even when we screw up (which we sometimes do)

But! There are some other dimensions to this role, which means you’ll also:

  • Help plan, produce and run live and virtual events
  • Look for ways to grow revenue through marketing, partnerships and other business development initiatives
  • Master our content management and wine database systems
  • Occasionally write stories for publication and help with editorial research and project management
  • Generally help make our editorial offerings fascinating 

Does this sound like a lot? It is! We’re a startup, so we’re going to need all sorts of help. You don’t have to know how to do everything we need, you just have to be good at figuring it out.  Also, if you’re extremely smart, that helps. 

About us

Have a look at our website. That’s where we’re starting from. A lot more is on the way.

About you

We’re looking for someone who is:

A great digital audience builder:  You’re highly proficient in social media and email marketing. You love learning a new platform or tool.  You know your way around a spreadsheet, a form, a template creator. You’re familiar with the fundamentals of SEO, marketing analytics, email newsletters, CRMs, digital subscriber acquisition and audience development.  

A great growth hacker:  You’ve got a strong, broad understanding of how to use specific tools, tactics and best practices to increase the number of people who look at what we do and the amount of time they spend with us.

A great editor:  You’ve got an eye for terrific prose. You can turn bad writing into great writing.  You know how to come at a conventional topic from an interesting angle. You can work effectively with a broad range of sometimes difficult personalities. You can write and rewrite a huge variety of things with skill and speed.

A great writer:  We’re a media company. You’ve got to be able to turn a sentence. That means your writing is sharp, concise, clean, creative and witty. You know how to make boring things completely fascinating. You’re fast and efficient. You can jump in on editorial projects without missing a beat.

A great acquirer of skills and knowledge:  You love figuring things out. You’re not intimidated by a new tool or system. You take the initiative. You’re excited about learning how to do a whole bunch of things you may never have done before. And you’re equally excited to become an expert in the things you have.  

A great doer:  You’re strategic and creative, but most of all, you get things done. You’re efficient.  You’re comprehensive and detail-oriented. You like plowing through a checklist.  

A great systematizer:  You’re organized. You’re comfortable with ambiguity, but enjoy taming chaos. You love creating systems. You like finding faster, better ways of doing things.  

A great entrepreneurial spirit:  You move fast. You’re always looking for angles and opportunities. You find solutions to hard problems. You do what needs to be done to succeed.  You pitch in. You pack boxes. You go well beyond the letter of your job description.  

A great lover of wine:  Wine is deeply intriguing/exciting/captivating/fun for you.  And you want to learn a ton about it.

A great person:  You’re smart, fun, funny, empathetic and kind.  


We’re not going to be sticklers about qualification specifics. But generally:

  • You’ve got at least some work experience in roles that are relevant to doing this job well
  • You know your way around industry-standard SEO and social marketing tools 
  • You have experience with paid search, influencer, and social marketing (or can convince us you can learn these extremely quickly)
  • You have experience growing email newsletters
  • You can really write
  • You’re highly proficient in Google Docs – particularly Sheets and Slides
  • You’re an unusually strong analytical thinker
  • You’ve got a strong foundational knowledge of wine and want to learn (a lot) more

If you’re interested, reply to us on LinkedIn or (even better!) send us an email at and attach a resume. 

This job is no longer accepting applications

See open jobs at New Wine Review.