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Adonis is revenue intelligence and automation platform that helps medical practices, hospitals, and digital health clinics disentangle and improve their payments workflow... so they can focus on what matters: providing care.
AllWork is a software enabled payments platform for freelancers and the Gig Economy
Apt is a tech-enabled multifamily housing developer. We're developing tools and processes to standardize the housing development process end-to-end. Our mission is to create more quality, sustainable, and affordable housing.
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Stigma-breaking sustainable period care
The solution was to create an online platform that offers access to mental health services to minorities and marginalized communities with an emphasis on intersectionality which involves matching them with counselors based on race, gender, orientation, religion and disability.
Badaboom is an end-to-end supply chain platform that enables companies make successful private label brands in minutes instead of months. Companies use Badaboom to source quality products specific to their needs from pre-vetted offshore suppliers, and we handle all the logistics from production to delivery.