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mokSa AI
mokSa AI


Sterling Heights, MI, USA


Data and Analytics · Information Technology · Software


11-50 employees


Pre Seed

founded in

2021 is an innovative technology firm specializing in AI-driven solutions, particularly in areas like retail security, culinary standards, and process optimization. They excel in creating cutting-edge tools that enhance operational efficiency, safety, and data-driven decision-making. Key offerings of include sophisticated theft detection models tailored for retail environments. These models utilize advanced AI algorithms to identify potential theft activities by analyzing behavioral patterns and movements within a store setting. The system is adept at recognizing specific actions that may indicate theft, such as unauthorized handling or movement of merchandise. In the culinary sector, provides AI solutions for food safety audits in commercial kitchens. These tools monitor compliance with hygiene protocols, identifying any lapses in safety practices, such as not wearing gloves or hairnets during food preparation. The system offers real-time alerts and comprehensive data analytics to help kitchens maintain high standards of hygiene and safety. A standout feature of's technology is its ethical approach to AI. While delivering high-performance solutions, they ensure the privacy and integrity of data are upheld. Their commitment to ethical AI practices positions them as a responsible and forward-thinking player in the technology sector, dedicated to leveraging AI for practical, safe, and sustainable industry solutions.

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